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  • Sticker Challenge

          The idea is to make a no cost sticker gift. All you need is three labels. Here’s the easy directions. 1. Cut one sticker in thirds, remove backing and fold to create hanger. 2. Remove backing from another label and apply hanger. 3. Make a sticker sandwich, remove backing and stick the labels […]

  • Instagram follower portrait @yuka_k5

    (click for larger image)   This random portrait is of the lovely @yuka_k5, a follower of my Instagram account @anna_lise, Since this series of portraits are random and not commissioned, I feel free to experiment with new techniques and challenges. Most of my work is rough sketched on paper. On this one I wanted to do all […]

  • Mermaids are dreaming drawing

    Sometimes a design concept comes to me all at once. Mermaids are Dreaming is one of those. The idea was to connect all the lines together to give it a floating and underwater feel. I often ask for input on my artwork and welcome your comments on the works in progress. A follower’s comment on Instagram […]

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